1 October 2023

1 October 2023

Find out why One Drive does not count as a backup.

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Allow us to elaborate a bit further.

While OneDrive eliminates the risk of data loss through hardware malfunctions or local disasters, it doesn’t protect your files against accidental deletions, file corruptions, or malicious attacks. To put it simply, it’s primarily designed for file storage and sharing purposes, rather than being a reliable backup system.

Imagine a scenario where you accidentally delete an important file from your computer. If you have set up OneDrive to sync your files, the deletion will automatically reflect in your OneDrive account as well. Now, if you were relying on OneDrive as a backup solution, you would assume that you can easily retrieve the deleted file from OneDrive. However, since OneDrive syncs and mirrors your files in real-time, the deleted file will also be removed from your OneDrive account, leaving you with no backup copy.

Furthermore, let’s say you encounter a ransomware attack that encrypts all the files on your computer. Unfortunately, since OneDrive syncs and mirrors your files, the encrypted files will also be synced to your OneDrive account, rendering your cloud storage useless and unable to recover the original unencrypted versions.

In these scenarios, it becomes apparent that Microsoft OneDrive is not a true backup solution, A comprehensive backup strategy should include additional solutions that provide versioning, offline backups, and protection against malware attacks.

So, what can you do about it, you ask? It’s always wise to implement additional backup strategies to ensure the safety and availability of your important data. when it comes to data protection, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

All the while things are working its difficult to see the value in paying for extra backups, but if and when things go wrong, your are mighty thankful that you did.

Speak with us today about our office 365 backup service, it might just be the best thing that you do this week.

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