30 November 2023

30 November 2023

Helping a Field Service Provider overcome a backlog of repair requests.

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Note: In order to preserve client confidentiality, we refrain from disclosing the name of the client.

This case study highlights how Cranfield IT Solutions effectively assisted a field service business struggling with a substantial backlog of Computing repair work. Cranfield IT Solutions supported the company in handling warranty repairs on behalf of major vendors, providing efficient solutions charged at a contract day rate. This partnership resulted in improved customer satisfaction, quicker repairs and enabled the business to get themselves back on track.

Client Background:
The field service business operated in the technology industry, providing repair and maintenance services to major vendors of laptops, desktops and printers. Their business faced challenges in managing their increased workload, resulting in an overwhelming backlog of repair requests and dissatisfied customers.

We were contacted to assist in managing their backlog effectively. The primary goals were:

  1. Reduce the backlog of warranty repairs by delivering efficient and timely onsite services.
  2. Enhance customer satisfaction through prompt resolution of repair issues.

Cranfield IT Solutions proposed a comprehensive 4 week plan to alleviate the backlog and restore order to their operations by taking the majority of onsite hardware repairs for laptops and desktops in Crawley, Brighton and Eastbourne.


We allocated a mobile technician to operate for 4 weeks in the field across East Sussex. We utilized their internal efficient ticketing system to evaluate job requests. we meticulously assessed the required repairs, promptly ordered the necessary components, and then proceeded to install them at the customer’s location completing approximately 20 warranty jobs per week.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Implementation: Cranfield IT Solutions worked closely with the business to ensure SLAs and processes with the major vendors were met by our technician. We established clear service expectations, metrics, and response times. This ensured accountability and efficient delivery of warranty repairs.

Reduced Backlog: Thanks to our expertise and efficient processes, we were able to effectively address the backlog of warranty repairs, saving the business from the hassle of training and onboarding new staff. This resulted in significant improvements, such as quicker repair turnaround times, shorter waiting queues, and an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimization:

Outsourcing warranty repairs in the East Sussex area to us proved to be a strategic move that helped optimize operational costs. Instead of employing, training, and onboarding a temporary technician, They were able to leverage our expertise at a competitive contract day rate.

One of the key benefits was our knowledge of vendor-specific processes. This enabled us to provide the necessary services with minimal onboarding, seamlessly blending in as if we were part of their own team, which meant the end client was none the wiser that the repairs were actually being undertaken by another business.


By using Cranfield IT Solutions’ expertise, we successfully overcame their backlog challenges and improved their overall operational efficiency. This partnership not only resulted in reduced costs but also enhanced customer satisfaction and positioned their Services as a reliable and capable IT field service provider.