22 December 2023

22 December 2023

Assisting a Charity in Times of Staff Absence

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Note: In order to preserve client confidentiality, we refrain from disclosing the name of the client.

We are renowned for our dedication to providing comprehensive IT services to various industries. This case study showcases our assistance to a charity organization during the busy Christmas period when their staff were unable to work due to unexpected sickness. Cranfield IT Solutions stepped in to provide temporary IT support, including technical support, Office 365 management, starter and leaver processes, and management of security tools. This enabled the charity to continue their operations seamlessly while experiencing the benefits of flexible, cost-effective contract IT services.

The charity faced a challenging situation as multiple staff members went on sick leave during the peak Christmas period. Operating without IT support could have resulted in severe disruptions, jeopardizing their mission to serve vulnerable individuals during the festive season.

Solution Provided by Cranfield IT Solutions:

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Cranfield IT Solutions offered temporary IT support to the charity. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we developed a tailored solution to ensure uninterrupted operations:

IT Technical Support:
We used our experience from our MSP background to handle all technical support inquiries promptly, with phone assistance, email assistance and remote access to resolve any IT issues that may arise, ensuring the charity’s systems and devices continued to function optimally.

Office 365 Management:
Cranfield IT Solutions took charge of managing the charity’s Office 365 infrastructure. This included managing user accounts, permissions, and access rights, as well as troubleshooting any Office 365-related problems. We ensured that the charity’s employees could continue using Office 365 seamlessly to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Starter and Leaver Processes:
We facilitated the onboarding and offboarding of employees by managing the entire starter and leaver processes. This included setting up new user accounts, provisioning necessary equipment, and ensuring access rights were granted or revoked promptly. By handling these administrative tasks, Cranfield IT Solutions streamlined the charity’s HR processes and saved valuable time for the internal team during a busy period.

Management of Security Tools:
To safeguard the charity’s sensitive data and protect against potential cyber threats, We managed and maintained the organization’s security tools. This involved monitoring network activity, implementing security updates, Blocking phishing emails using the firewall, and investigating and resolving security issues raised through the service desk. Cranfield IT Solutions maintained and protected charity’s IT infrastructure throughout the temporary support period.

Customer Benefits:

The charity witnessed numerous benefits from partnering with Cranfield IT Solutions during the staff absence:

  • Continuity of Operations: By providing temporary IT support, we ensured that the charity’s critical IT systems and services continued to operate seamlessly. This allowed the charity to serve its beneficiaries without any disruption, even during the peak Christmas period.
  • Expertise and Experience: Cranfield IT Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With our expertise we were able to quickly address any IT issues and minimize downtime, ensuring the charity’s staff could focus on their core responsibilities.
  • Cost-Effective Option: We offered contract IT services charged on a per-day basis at a reduced rate allowing the charity to budget effectively for the temporary support.
  • Simplified IT Management: By delegating IT support, Office 365 management, starter and leaver processes, and security tool management to us, the charity’s internal team experienced reduced workloads and increased productivity. This allowed them to focus on their primary tasks while leaving the IT responsibilities in capable hands.


Cranfield IT Solutions proved to be an invaluable partner to the charity during a challenging time. By stepping in and providing temporary IT support, including technical assistance, their IT department continued to operate smoothly providing the support required achieving their mission to serve vulnerable individuals during the festive season.