3 June 2023

3 June 2023

Case Study: Transition to Cloud-Based Solutions for a Family Payroll Company In Eastbourne

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Note: In order to preserve client confidentiality, we refrain from disclosing the name of the client.


A successful family-owned business in Eastbourne, realized the need for a change in their traditional file storing and sharing system to meet the demands of modern business trends. The company was utilizing old on-premise file servers which were proving to be both costly and inefficient. With the operating system no longer supported by Microsoft and the high risks of hardware failre due to its age it was time to look into alternative options.


Our team was called in for a consultation, which cost £695+VAT. Utilizing this one-day consultation, we assessed the client’s requirements, focusing on aspects such as storage needs and backup solutions.

This investigation highlighted several key needs, including a reliable and efficient file-sharing system, reduced operational costs, and improved data backups.

Recommendations and Implementation:

After investigating, we provided the company with a comprehensive proposal to change from their current on-premise servers to the Microsoft 365 Business Premium platform. This choice was made over their original home retail edition which was also behind the times. This solution promised a continually up to date platform at a budgeable cost.

All their files were migrated from the on-premise server to SharePoint, ensuring a seamless transfer. Our team worked closely with the client to organize the file structure efficiently in SharePoint. We implemented permission control, ensuring only the relevant staff members had access to certain files. Shortcuts for frequently used files were also created in each user’s personal One Drive folder, enhancing accessibility and making it easier for the staff to navigate.

Alongside this, we recommended the use of our Office 365 backup package along with ongoing IT support. This recommendation aimed to safeguard the integrity of their data, ensuring that the company was not vulnerable to data loss, and that any IT-related issues could be quickly and effectively resolved.

Additionally, we suggested a variety of hardware solutions apt for remote working, encompassing Lenovo laptops equipped with enhanced security features, Docking stations and monitors with built in webcams. We advised the client to maintain uniformity across all their IT hardware by opting for the same brand, enabling consistency throughout the business.


As a result of implementing our recommendations, the Payroll Company was able to transition towards a completely remote working environment. Consequently, the client was able to close their physical office, leading to substantial savings. By migrating their entire operation to the cloud, the company saves £495 per month in office rent and additional expenses in daily parking charges.

Moreover, the shift to remote working not only resulted in decreased operational costs but also facilitated a more flexible working environment for the company’s employees and easy onbaording for new members of staff joining the company.


The shift to the Microsoft 365 Business Premium platform streamlined the operations facilitating efficient collaboration and data management. The adoption of our Office 365 backup package alongside ongoing IT support further helps the business remain efficient and properly supported.