1 December 2023

1 December 2023

Cranfield IT Solutions Supports Eastbourne Manufacturing Company Migrate To Sweeden

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Note: In order to preserve client confidentiality, we refrain from disclosing the name of the client.

One of the largest manufacturing companies in Eastbourne had been operating with a team of two dedicated IT support staff members. However, one of the staff members decided to leave the company, leaving them with limited IT support resources. As the company was planning to close its operations in Eastbourne and migrate to its branch in Sweden, it was challenging to employ someone for a permanent position. Therefore, the company sought assistance from external IT service providers to support their local IT needs during the transition period and facilitate a smooth migration process.

The primary objective of this project was to provide the manufacturing company with reliable end-user IT technical support, ensuring uninterrupted operations during the business closure and migration process. Additionally, Cranfield IT Solutions aimed to assist in the start and leaver processes, facilitate the migration to Sweden, and safely remove all IT equipment from the Eastbourne factory, as well as providing emergency IT support including out of hours.

Cranfield IT Solutions stepped in as the trusted IT service provider to meet the client’s requirements and support their IT infrastructure with a customized plan that aligned with their goals. The following steps were taken:

  1. End-User IT Technical Support:
    Cranfield IT Solutions provided a dedicated on-site technician who were available to address any IT issues faced by the employees. This included troubleshooting hardware and software problems, resolving network connectivity issues, and providing assistance with software installations and updates. The technician was well-versed in the company’s specific IT systems and processes, ensuring a seamless transition for the employees. Cranfield IT Solutions took a proactive approach to prevent any disruptions in operations. In addition to having an on-site technician, we implemented regular system maintenance and monitoring. This allowed us to address any potential issues before they could cause problems. We paid special attention to the picking, packing, and shipping departments, as system failures in these areas can lead to significant delays and loss of revenue. To minimize downtime, we prioritized a quick reaction response time for these departments with specific focus on preventative maintenance procedures.
  2. Start and Leaver Processes:
    As the company was experiencing frequent changes in its workforce due to the migration process, Cranfield IT Solutions assisted in managing the start and leaver processes. They ensured that new employees were set up with the necessary IT equipment, accounts, and access rights. Similarly, when employees left the company, Cranfield IT Solutions ensured that their accounts were deactivated, their data was securely transferred or deleted, and all IT equipment was recovered.
  3. Migration Support:
    Cranfield IT Solutions played a crucial role in facilitating the migration process to the company’s branch in Sweden. We worked closely with the manufacturing company’s global IT team, coordinating the transfer of data, systems, and applications to the new location. We ensured that all IT assets were securely packed and transported to the new site, minimizing the risk of data loss or equipment damage during the transition.
  4. Shutdown and IT Equipment Removal:
    As the company prepared to close its Eastbourne factory Cranfield IT Solutions took charge of safely removing all IT equipment from the premises. This involved disconnecting and packing all hardware, ensuring that any sensitive data was securely erased or transferred, and coordinating the transportation of the equipment to the desired locations. We followed environmentally responsible practices, disposing of any obsolete or non-functional equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

The collaboration between the largest manufacturing company in Eastbourne and Cranfield IT Solutions proved to be highly successful. By leveraging Cranfield IT Solutions’ expertise and resources, the manufacturing company was able to effectively manage its IT support needs and ensure uninterrupted operations during the transition period. The key outcomes achieved were:

  1. Continuous IT Support: Cranfield IT Solutions provided reliable and prompt on-site technical support, addressing any IT issues faced by the employees and minimizing downtime.
  2. Smooth Start and Leaver Processes: Cranfield IT Solutions streamlined the onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that new employees were quickly set up with their required IT resources, and departing employees were smoothly transitioned out without any data breaches or complications.
  3. Successful Migration to Sweden: Cranfield IT Solutions played a crucial role in coordinating and facilitating the migration process to the company’s branch in Sweden, ensuring the secure transfer of data and equipment, and minimizing any disruptions during the transition.
  4. Safe Shutdown and Equipment Removal: Cranfield IT Solutions safely removed all IT equipment from the Eastbourne factory, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and the environmentally responsible disposal of non-functional equipment.


Cranfield IT Solutions successfully supported one of the largest manufacturing companies in Eastbourne during a challenging transitional period. By providing dedicated technical support, managing start and leaver processes, facilitating the migration to Sweden, and ensuring the safe removal of IT equipment, Cranfield IT Solutions enabled a smooth and efficient transition for the company. The manufacturing company was able to maintain uninterrupted operations, secure its data, and seamlessly integrate its operations with its branch in Sweden, thanks to the reliable and professional IT support provided by Cranfield IT Solutions.