10 June 2021

10 June 2021

Developing a Click-and-Collect Order System for a Fitness and Nutrition Business in Hailsham

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A fitness and nutrition business in Hailsham approached Cranfield IT Solutions after experiencing rapid growth in their health club centre’s healthy bar. The bar, known for its protein shakes and healthy snacks, was becoming increasingly difficult to manage with just pen and paper as many customers wanted to pre-order their items. The client requested a system similar to Just Eat for click-and-collect orders but without the monthly subscription.


Cranfield IT Solutions proposed a new website app to display the menu online and facilitate orders. Utilizing WordPress, a user-friendly interface was created for the client to manage website content and store order data efficiently.


The result was a modern website showcasing the fitness centre’s success stories and featuring an online menu for customers to pre-order their drinks and snacks. Customers could easily select items, choose a pickup time, and place their orders. Each morning, staff could access all the orders for the day, ensuring a streamlined process. Additionally, a maximum order limit per time interval and a 10-minute break between maximum orders were implemented to prevent overwhelming the staff.

The client was thrilled with the outcome, as the new system significantly improved their operations, offering a smoother and more convenient way to conduct business for both the business and its customers.

Furthermore, the business saw additional benefits from enhancing their online presence through the website, resulting in a surge of positive Google reviews that further boosted their reputation and credibility.

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